Spa procedures

Foot reflex massage

Foot reflex massage belong to the most pleasant massages. Physiotherapeut stimulates the reflex points on the foot, which are connected with the inner organs. Due to this stimulation the activity of the inner organs is positively influenced.

Because of the high sensitivity of the reflex points on the foot a wide range of health problems can be revealed.

Foot reflex massage has great antistress effects. The treatment lasts 40 minutes.

Healing effects of the foot reflex massage:

  • removes the feeling of "heavy legs"
  • reduces the headaches and backbone pain
  • positively influences the blood circulation
  • supports the function of lymphatic system
  • accelerates the detoxication of organism and the strenghtens immunity
  • affects preventive muscle-, joints- and backbonepains, effects against migraine
  • helps by digestion and excretion disorders
  • helps by asthma